Qbic Android player

How to setup a Qbic based player device

  1. Power up the device
  2. On the launch screen go to settings
  3. Go to System -> Remote APP upgrade URL and enter:
  4. Enter the following, approve by clicking in SET:


Your Qbic device will now check on each boot for a new App version. If there is a new version available the update will be deployed automatically.

When our player App started you will see 4 digit screen token on the left. If you don’t have an sklera account go to https://sklera.tv/demo and start a free 15 day trial. You can now register your device as descibed in our previous articel: open

HDMI IN settings for BXP-301:

Qbic’s BXP-301 model has HDMI IN support allowing us to embed the video signal of any external source (like a Satellite receiver) in our player App.

To enable this feature open my.sklera.tv and go to “Screens” and edit the corresponding item for your BXP box and go to the display settings.

You can now specify your HDMI input window size position and resolution. If you just want to have the HDMI input in fullscreen visible in the background enter the following:


The input signal will be shown in the background, allowing us to have playlists running with transparent overlays. You can design custom layouts very easily with our Layout Desinger tool, just make sure to have no background color set in the Layout settings.

If you encounter any problems please make sure to have the latest firmware version installed on your device before opening a support ticket at support@sklera.tv. Also keep in mind that not all dimensions for the HDMI in area are supported and make sure to have no default background set in your channel settings as the HDMI in signal will positioned even behind the background image!

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